2020 iPhone SE – Will It BE Cheaper Next Year Because Of The 2021 iPhone SE Launch?

Apple surprised a lot of us when it managed to release the 2020 iPhone SE nearly on schedule, and packing the A13 Bionic at only $399. Apple likely keeps launching low-cost iPhone models as one tipster suggests that the 2020 model will be $100 cheaper, making it even more tempting for potential clients.

2021 iPhone SE – Rumors

Twitter account “Komiya” posted that the iPhone SE 2 price will see a reduction in cost between $50-$100.

Even if the tech giant makes it only $50 cheaper, it will make a big difference for customers, but there is more to take into account than just keeping costs down.

Apple usually reduces the prices of the past-generation smartphone when it officially introduces a successor.

However, the tipster did not mention if the current model would be discontinued, but his tweet suggests that Apple could be working on another low-cost version for 2021.

The company could decrease the price because they might pick the same $399 starting price for the next year’s phone.

However, it could feature the same A13 Bionic chip that powers 2020 models probably because including an A14 Bionic processor would affect iPhone 12 sales.

Here’s what the tipster’s tweet reads:

Though it’s a bit ambiguous, it makes a bold statement.

Unfortunately, we can’t be positive that the information presented by the tipster is accurate to any degree.

It appears that the account has a bit of a history with posting Apple-related content. Could the person running the account be an Apple insider? Nobody knows.

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